Money Sex Gen X-Podcast

Money Sex Gen X (“MSG”) is a weekly podcast convo between gentlemen Gen X’ers Mr. Eric McLoyd and co-host Big Stew. These Windy City hosts feel like Generation X needs to be portrayed better in the media. Without judgment, they dive into topics like “Is College A Joke?”, “What Does It Mean To Be Black?” and “Let’s Talk About Sex” in hopes of uncovering new truths for viewers and themselves. Their painfully honest style of podcasting + their undeniable chemistry makes for some interesting podcast content

Money Sex Gen X-Podcast

Recent Episodes

Episode 7 - Colorism

March 9, 2022

Do you deal with colorism? ** Discrimination based on skin or hair color, also known as colorism, or shadeism, is a form of prejudice and/or discrimination in which people who share similar ethnic traits or perceived race ar…

Episode 6 - Should YOU go to Church?

March 9, 2022

In this episode, we sit with ordained Pastor, @StephanJThurston of New Covenant on Chicago's southside. This progressive Church leader talks about: - Church and leadership - Passing the torch - The LGBTQ+ community - Social …

Season 5 Episode 5 - Should YOU start a Non-Profit?

Feb. 23, 2022

DO NOT-FOR-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS STILL MAKE SENSE FOR BLACK PEOPLE? We wanted to discuss this today because not for profits—organizations weren’t geared toward profit but trying to improve life for a certain group of people a…

Season 5 Episode 4 - Should You go into Politics

Dec. 6, 2021

In this episode, we dig into the conversation around being actively engaged in politics. We explore the following with our amazing guests, Alani Brown and Maze Jackson WHAT IS THE DEFINITION OF POLITICS? WHAT ARE EXAMPLES OF…

Season 5 - Episode 2 Should I be Celibate?

Oct. 20, 2021

Thought about holding out? Need a restart on your love life? Thinking about being abstinent or celibate? Learn the difference, pros, and cons here. For all the latest drip, go to

Season 5 - Episode 3 Why do Your Kids Hate You?

Oct. 20, 2021

A conversation many people are not having. Many GenXers and parents of other generations have kept this conversation pretty quiet... but sometimes our kids respond to us as if they HATE us. Is it all their fault? Is there so…

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About the Hosts

Eric McLoyd Profile Photo

Eric McLoyd

Peace, my name is Eric McLoyd. I am the creator and co-host of the Money Sex Gen X podcast. I consider myself to be a proud black, Gen X’er, and want to see more accurate portrayals of myself in the media.

Yes, I hold a bunch of degrees and certifications but I still feel that my greatest education came from navigating un-controlled environments + from starting companies from scratch. I took those insights and started helping others to build wealth through their own start-ups.

I have lived in many different parts of the United States. To this day I am constantly refreshing my experiences. Some of my favorite places to play are Tokyo, Belize, Amsterdam, Paris, New York City, and the DMV.

I am also an aspiring author and understand that constantly creating is the key to my happiness + success in life.

Most importantly, I have found the love of my life, have two beautiful children + am a Ralph Lauren fanatic (love to rock Lo).

Scott Steward Profile Photo

Scott Steward

Scott L. Steward a.k.a. Big Stew (Stew) is one of our lifetimes greatest thinking-socialites. Born and raised in the southside of Chicago, Stew was able to avoid the major statistical pitfalls of growing up in the third-largest city in America. Today, Stew is a formidable business owner, community influencer, and devout parent.

Stew has been on the public stage since as six years old never shying away from an opportunity to speak before an audience. Stew is very optimistic and opinionated, always needing to add his two-cents to the conversation which actually brings a bit of sauce to the lively conversations. Stew tends to be pretty open-minded, always open to hearing new perspectives, particularly about subject matter unfamiliar to him.

Stew is a staunch supporter of Black-owned and operated businesses and preserving Black culture.