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During the early part of 2020, Scott and Eric were introduced to each other by Eric’s ex-wife as potential business partners. After each of their virtual business sessions, they would chop it up about things like money, raising children, relationships, and music--they would laugh about how dope it would be to hear those types of conversations in the media.

Literally, days before COVID changed all of our lives forever--Scott and Eric met in person. That day it became clear that they definitely had a lot in common (tall, stylish, well-traveled, both sons of hip hop, and proud members of Generation X). As they kept talking Eric decided to share with Scott that he really wanted to put out a podcast. He explained how he had tried to recruit a few of his homies but they seemed shook! Scott thought about it for a second and shot back with, “Yo, we should do it.” At that moment the Money Sex Gen X-Podcast was officially born!

Money Sex Gen X-Podcast’s mission revolves around introducing Black Gen X, middle-class perspectives into the mainstream media. The show likes to use a direct, non-judgmental style that prompts these Windy City hosts + audience to do some deep self-reflection.

The show goes LIVE again every Sunday @ 11:30 a.m. (central) on FB Live, YouTube, and IG. You can also check out Seasons 1-3 + share with your friends and family--especially those that WANT that real talk and fresh perspectives in their lives.