During the early part of 2020, Scott and Eric were introduced to each other by Eric’s ex-wife as potential business partners. After each of their virtual business sessions, they would chop it up about things like money, raising children, relationships, and music--they would laugh about how dope it would be to hear those types of conversations in the media.

Literally, days before COVID changed all of our lives forever--Scott and Eric met in person. That day it became clear that they definitely had a lot in common (tall, stylish, well-traveled, both sons of hip hop, and proud members of Generation X). As they kept talking Eric decided to share with Scott that he really wanted to put out a podcast. He explained how he had tried to recruit a few of his homies but they seemed shook! Scott thought about it for a second and shot back with, “Yo, we should do it.” At that moment the Money Sex Gen X-Podcast was officially born!

Money Sex Gen X-Podcast’s mission revolves around introducing Black Gen X, middle-class perspectives into the mainstream media. The show likes to use a direct, non-judgmental style that prompts these Windy City hosts + audience to do some deep self-reflection.

The show goes LIVE again every Sunday @ 11:30 a.m. (central) on FB Live, YouTube, and IG. You can also check out Seasons 1-3 + share with your friends and family--especially those that WANT that real talk and fresh perspectives in their lives.

About the Hosts

Eric McLoyd Profile Photo

Eric McLoyd

Peace, my name is Eric McLoyd. I am the creator and co-host of the Money Sex Gen X podcast. I consider myself to be a proud black, Gen X’er, and want to see more accurate portrayals of myself in the media.

Yes, I hold a bunch of degrees and certifications but I still feel that my greatest education came from navigating un-controlled environments + from starting companies from scratch. I took those insights and started helping others to build wealth through their own start-ups.

I have lived in many different parts of the United States. To this day I am constantly refreshing my experiences. Some of my favorite places to play are Tokyo, Belize, Amsterdam, Paris, New York City, and the DMV.

I am also an aspiring author and understand that constantly creating is the key to my happiness + success in life.

Most importantly, I have found the love of my life, have two beautiful children + am a Ralph Lauren fanatic (love to rock Lo).

Scott Steward Profile Photo

Scott Steward

Scott L. Steward a.k.a. Big Stew (Stew) is one of our lifetimes greatest thinking-socialites. Born and raised in the southside of Chicago, Stew was able to avoid the major statistical pitfalls of growing up in the third-largest city in America. Today, Stew is a formidable business owner, community influencer, and devout parent.

Stew has been on the public stage since as six years old never shying away from an opportunity to speak before an audience. Stew is very optimistic and opinionated, always needing to add his two-cents to the conversation which actually brings a bit of sauce to the lively conversations. Stew tends to be pretty open-minded, always open to hearing new perspectives, particularly about subject matter unfamiliar to him.

Stew is a staunch supporter of Black-owned and operated businesses and preserving Black culture.