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February 15, 2021

Season 3 Episode 7 Season Finale: Why do you refuse to eat right?

Join us this Sunday for "Why Do You Refuse To Eat Right?" We will be talking about food, herbs, supplements, and get to the bottom of why we know how to eat right but don't!! We will be joined by special guest @Maurice George...


October 22, 2020

Season 2 Episode Six: "Sex over 40" feat. @thegooddrdave

In this lively and colorful episode, host Eric McLoyd and co-host, Big Stew sit down with the Cardiologist Dr. Dave Montgomery, MD, who is a Chicago native working out of Atlanta to discuss sex over 40. Dr. Dave shares tips a...

Sex Health

September 13, 2020

Season 2--Episode One "One Million Ways To Kill A Black Man"

This episode we got even deep than normal. We talked about how black men are killed spiritually, emotionally, and in other ways that have nothing to do with physical violence. Money Sex Gen X (“MSG”) is a weekly podcast convo...

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