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R.C. Riley is a writer, performer, activist, and warrior woman who began writing as a means of healing after a sexual assault. R.C.'s work examines the intersection of race, gender, sexuality, and faith and seeks to find justice for and liberate those who have felt ignored, unloved, and persecuted by society. Her personal healing led to the creation of her first one-woman show titled Wrong Way Journey.

When she's not performing one of her solo shows, R.C. can be found on her FBLive show, Monday Musings with R.C.,

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Season 2--Episode One "One Million Ways To Kill A Black Man"

Sept. 13, 2020

This episode we got even deep than normal. We talked about how black men are killed spiritually, emotionally, and in other ways that have nothing to do with physical violence. Money Sex Gen X (“MSG”) is a weekly podcast conv…

Guest: R.C. Riley