Sept. 13, 2020

Season 2--Episode One "One Million Ways To Kill A Black Man"

This episode we got even deep than normal. We talked about how black men are killed spiritually, emotionally, and in other ways that have nothing to do with physical violence.

Money Sex Gen X (“MSG”) is a weekly podcast convo between gentlemen Gen X’ers Mr. Eric McLoyd and co-host Big Stew. These Windy City hosts feel like Generation X needs to be portrayed better in the media. No shade or hate but they feel like Baby Boomers + Millennials get all the shine. When Gen X does finally show up in the media it never seems to be anything positive. They decided to stop complaining and show and prove—MSG was born.

Eric was born in the Chi but mostly raised up and down the East coast. Scott was born and bred on the Southside of the CHI. These guys are able to give up a lot of game because they have that street education, hold a few college degrees, have families, and both own several businesses. Without judgment, they dive into topics like “Is College A Joke?”, “What Does It Mean To Be Black?” and “Let’s Talk About Sex” in hopes of uncovering new truths for viewers and themselves. Their painfully honest style of podcasting + their undeniable chemistry makes for some interesting podcast content.

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Dr. Dave Montgomery


Dr. David Montgomery is a Chicago native (southside), Percy L. Julian, and Morehouse alumni.

Dr. Dave always wanted to be a cardiologist and studied science and medicine on his own at a very young age. Dr. Dave is also a graduate of Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine and McGaw Medical School of Northwestern University.

Dr. Dave is currently affiliated with Piedmont Atlanta Hospital in Atlanta, Ga. Dr. Montgomery also holds a Ph.D. in physiology from the University of Illinois at Chicago, College of Medicine. Prior to joining Piedmont, Dr. Montgomery served as Adjunct Staff at the Resurrection Medical Center in Chicago, Illinois.

Dr. Dave is board-certified in both cardiology and internal medicine. His clinical focus is the heart and vascular disease prevention.
Some of his special clinical interests include preventing and managing cardiovascular disease in young adults, the athlete, and obese populations. Dr. Montgomery has published in a range of medical and scientific journals and his patient care and clinical work as a resident won him induction into the prestigious Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society.

Dr. Dave also holds memberships in a number of organizations, including the American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology. Dr. Dave is also the host of his own TV show The Good Dr. TV and is a recurring cardiologist on Headline News, CNN, and the Steve Harvey Show.